is the sister concern company of AL-HASEEB TEXTILES. The name which doesn’t need any introduction in the world of textiles.

We are manufacturers and exporters of knitted/woven garments and knitted/woven fabrics from Pakistan. Our family has been engaged in the textile business for the last 30 years, and our best reference is the satisfied range of customers all over the globe.

Basic reason behind our success is our commitment with customers. We facilitate our customers in all circumstances with high-quality products and very competitive prices.

Apparel Merchandising encompasses a variety of fields, such as design, marketing, product development, historical apparel, fashion and costume construction. We have Production follow-up on day-to-day developments.

To honor our skills and capacities to extent that nothing surprises us, either with their seemingly impossible designs or greatness of orders. For us, failure is not an option.

We pay special attention to standards of quality in our manufacturing process, as we believe that real quality is what customers want.

The Company is ISO 9001 And Wrap Certified.

We would be happy to serve your Garments and Fabrics need.